If you can’t decide between buying a stick, spray or roll on deodorant; read on for some helpful advice.

High quality, modern deodorants offer protection from excessive perspiration, wetness and odour. Choosing the right sort for you is important so that you can feel fresh and confident all day long, and provide the very best treatment for your skin type. Your choice between a stick, roll on or spray deodorant will depend on how and where you like to use it.

Choosing the best sort of deodorant

Roll-on deodorant is applied directly to the skin under your arms. You can be sure that you are applying an even layer just where you want it without having to worry about pesky stains sometimes caused by a gel or spray antiperspirant. Careful not to apply too much -- or you might end up with powdery white spots on your clothes! You can use your roll-on in some other small areas of your body that you wish to protect from perspiration. If you're interested in a spray deodorant, you can use your product to quickly treat your underarm area as well as other more extended parts of your body. The active ingredients of stick deodorants are mixed with a solid carrier that is quick to apply and that has long lasting staying power.

Garnier deodorants offer a large range of effective stick, roll on and spray deodorants for you to choose between. They are all efficient and pleasant to use so go ahead and choose your favourite!