It can be hard to choose between a stick or a spray deodorant so here’s some advice to help you decide.

Putting on your deodorant is one of the most important parts of your daily personal care routine.  All men want to stay fresh and dry in the hottest situations! Choosing between a stick deodorant and spray will depend on your preferences and routines; both contain effective formulas to combat perspiration and odour.

Stick vs spray deodorant

Stick deodorant is applied directly to the skin under your arms. One major benefit of this type of product is that you can apply an even layer just where you want it. Additionally, you can use your stick on in other small areas of your body you want to protect from perspiration. A mini stick deodorant is perfect to pop in your sports bag that won't take up too much space. 

A deodorant body spray for men allows you to quickly treat your underarms and other areas of your body. Sprays tend to work very well as long as the deodorant is not applied on the top of other products such as eau de cologne. Garnier deodorants offer a large range of effective stick and spray deodorants for men for you to choose between.