It can be confusing to choose between a roll on or spray deodorant for sensitive skin. 

If you’re suffering from itchy, sensitive skin under your arms, then you might be wondering if a spray or roll on deodorant for sensitive skin is the best choice to help soothe the problem. Do either make the problem worse or better? Here's some tips for choosing between a spray or roll on deodorant and find the best deodorant for sensitive skin to quickly feel dryer and more comfortable.

Sprays and roll on deodorants

Antiperspirants containing alcohol can irritate some people's skin. Choose a spray or roll on antiperspirant or deodorant with a mineral base. It will absorb moisture and keep you fresh and dry without causing irritation.  An alcohol free deodorant will soothe the skin whether in a spray or roll on format. Paraben free roll on or spray deodorants for sensitive skin, can help to avoid itchy underarm skin. A mineral deodorant will leave the pores free whilst keeping your dry by absorbing maximum perspiration.

So really, the choice of roll on or spray is up to you! Choose a product that avoids irritant ingredients such as those from Garnier’s Invisicalm and Sensitive ranges, which offer sprays, roll ons and sticks for sensitive skin.