Choosing the best deodorant for travelling is easy! 

When you travel, whether for work or pleasure, you need to feel perfectly protected. Choosing the right deodorant is important, and we all know how feeling hot and sweaty can spoil a trip. Summer weather, packed public transport and stress can all cause excessive perspiration. You need to choose a travel size deodorant that will keep you dry in extreme conditions. 

Small size, strong protection

Choosing a deodorant that is effective but not too big and heavy is vital. You also need to choose a deodorant that offers extreme protection, as we often get hot and sticky when travelling. Whether in a spray, stick or roll on, your travel deodorant should also protect your clothes as well as you. Remember, you will probably be taking a limited wardrobe of your favourite clothes and will want to wear them several times.

A mini spray deodorant or roll on can be carried in your hand luggage, but it must be sized 100ml or under. Choose one that is small enough to slip easily into your handbag, shoulder bag or rucksack, but don’t limit yourself on efficacy. Small can indeed mean strong! For long-lasting travel needs, check out Garnier’s InvisiCool, a double-action deodorant with 48 hours protection that offers continuous freshness whilst leaving no white marks on your clothes.